Silvio Simunic

Computer Science student at University of Rijeka



I am a graduate student pursuing a Master's Degree in Computer Science at University of Rijeka, Faculty of Engineering.

My interests lie in distributed systems, cloud computing, Internet of Things systems and blockchain. I am also interested in artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning. The focus of my latest project was application of DLT (blockchain) in IoT systems.

Below are some of the projects that I have worked on. If you would like to know more about my work, please visit my GitHub profile.


Blockchain Based IoT Device Management IoT system

A system that leverages Ethereum platform for identity, authentication and reputation of IoT devices. Devices are registered in a smart contract via a web interface and send cryptographically signed messages to a platform that validates them using blockchain.

Technologies: Solidity, React, Node.js


Internet of Things Platform web app

Generic and highly customizable IoT platform for data collection. Supports visualization through charts, floor maps and Google Maps. Users are notified via email or SMS if readings exceed boundaries.

Technologies: PHP (Laravel), MySQL


Server status monitor program

A program that concurrently performs checks if configured servers can be reached every t seconds. On unsuccessful attempts, notifications will be sent via email, text message, webhook or some other implemented method.

Technologies: Go


Concurrent Web Scraper program

Configurable web scraper built with Go that works concurrently. Information about elements that need to be scraped are kept in a JSON file based on which the program scrapes websites.

Technologies: Go


Daily Reddit Wallpaper script

Change your wallpaper to the most upvoted image of the day from /r/wallpapers or any other subreddit on system startup.

Technologies: Python


Temp Monitor hardware, web app

Small, wireless temperature and humidity sensor built with IoT Wi-Fi module, powered by batteries. Collected data is stored the cloud and is accessable via web interface through various graphs and interactive maps.

Technologies: C, Lua, PHP (Laravel), MySQL

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Do you have any questions ? Send me a message and I will get back to you.